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Grande è la confusione sotto il cielo degli eventi


Expo2015 e lavoro, un binomio che ridisegna i rapporti sindacali ed apre scenari ben poco conflittuali, ammiccanti a metodi di sfruttamento piuttosto classici.

L’ultimo tavolo sindacale sull’argomento, chiusosi alle 2,30 di notte il 16 aprile scorso, ha avuto come oggetto il cosiddetto “incentivo Expo”. Dopo aver messo sul piatto umilianti proposte quali il blocco delle ferie o lo straordinario ad oltranza, l’amministrazione ha affrontato il tavolo sindacale confermando tutto ciò che s’era prefissata aggiungendovi un premio incentivante, in denaro, a tutti coloro ritenuti coinvolti nell’operazione Expo.

Su basi ovviamente arbitrarie, l’impatto di un megaevento del genere, dovrebbe esser noto, ricade su tutto il lavoro della pubblica amministrazione. Un premio incentivante di qualche milione di euro (inizialmente 3 milioni di euro, divenuti poi 5,5) attraverso cui distribuire le solite briciole offerte a chi evidentemente è costretto ad accettare qualsiasi condizione pur di raggranellare qualche euro in più.

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Free yourself from Expo- May 1st Demonstration

This year in Milan, the International workers’ day is also a fight against EXPO. Among the huge May Day demonstration there will also be an antispeciesist, ecologist movement which supports gender  freedom. As we stated in the October demonstration of 2014, we are against all forms of exploitation among social classes, particularly exploitation of non-human animals.
Animal-workers for food and to produce food itself, always against their own will.

For humans, work represents an imposed form of occupation necessary to the system that surrounds us, the same way work affects animals. Moreover, non-human animals are even more emptied of their identities and denigrated, humiliated or pragmatically cuddled, they are taken away from their natural lives for our utility.
We must destroy this anthropocentric thought, break all chains and build new forms of relations and contexts.

The great event Expo 2015, has lost credibility both for its institutional collisions and for its unsustainable propositions. Today’s system, which devours resources and represses those who defend its territory, generates profit for few people, is racist and speciesist. The system wants to seem respectful towards the environment, animals, workers, biodiversity but Expo partners immediately reveal its fake mask: Coca-Cola, Mc Donalds, Nestlè, Eni, Enel, Pioneer Dupont, Selex-es represent some of the main companies responsible for land and sea pollution, deforestation, workers’ death, animal breeding farms similar to concentration camps, weapons and new control technology used both for military and civil purposes. We must not forget that DHL, who is responsible for Expo logistic and controlled by ABX Air, supports the vivisection industry by transporting wild primates for vivisection purposes.  As of today, there is an international campaign of animal liberation called “Gateway to hell”.

We will be in the streets to shout out our opposition to the slogan “Feed the planet” because it is based on slavery, suffering and death. We also want to  denounce the rhetorical thought of “animal wellness”. It is not important whether animals who give profit live well or not, what is important is that they are given the possibility to decide for their own selves and their habitat and to stop considering them as productive merchandise in an anthropocentric food model.
We will cross the streets of Milan to oppose to a consumerist idea of society and oppose to the proposition of the “Gay street for Expo”, which only increases gender discrepancies and is an obstacle to a real social integration among all the identities of our society.

We therefore invite all those individuals who combine animal liberation to all other forms of struggle for human and Earth liberation to participate with us, to bring in the streets our opposition to this false model of environmental sustainability, for us, for animals and for the Earth!
We ask all students, precarious, unemployed, migrants, workers and activists of Europe and of the World to join us in a huge demonstration and we invite them to participate in the initiatives that we have planned in Milan from April 29 to May 3 with the following program:

MAY 3: GENERAL ASSEMBLY for 6 months of mobilizations
FROM MAY 3: 6 months of meetings and conflict against and beyond the Expo paradigm


From Milan to Athens, from Istanbul to Kobane, from Berlin to Madrid, from New York to Melbourne since 1886, the Workers’ World Expo

We ask to come free of all symbols which refer to political parties, associations and to use NOEXPO material.

The organizers of the demonstration will not tolerate groups or people who belong to racist, homophobic, fascist ideologies or who are against gender freedom.


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